Army of Darkness – German blu-ray by Koch Media

Here it is, the „Ultimate Edition“ of Army of Darkness (Armee der Finsternis) from Koch Media, Germany. And it IS ultimate. This box contains 6 disc loaded with demons from the past and provides 3 different versions of the movie: The European cut, the Director’s cut and the US cut. All version on blu-ray and DVD, so people without a blu-ray player also will be able to enjoy this feature.


Picture: Picture is „as it is“. The hi-def transfer delivers Army of darkness at a high level picture quality you haven’t seen in Germany before. There is some dirt and scratches on the screen but it gives it a kind of dirty look the movie deserves but it isn’t a real grindhouse style you are reading on some reviews around … for heaven’s sake! Sharpness is not always at the same level, but as I said: It is as it is. You have noticed such differences on VHS, now you see it on hi-def. But as I said, it never looked better.



Sound is Dolby Digital 2.0 and it features German and English languages (plus German and English Subs). The Boomstick sounds good for its age 😉

And yes … it has 6 discs, it has tons of bonus material including the US TV- Version with alternate scenes and different dialogues. So friends of Ash will get a lot and many many hours of fun with this release. This edition is limited to around 4000 copies. Blu-ray is code B.

Hail to the King, baby!





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