Re-Animator reanimated in Germany

For a long time being a horror film fan in Germany was not an easy job. We Germans were and are still great in having an eye on violent materials. For years Gordon’s / Yuzna’s Re-Animator got his problems here with censorship too. While it was never banned it only got some releases heavy cut off a lot of blood and gore.


Times are changing and now round about 30 years after the initial release of Re-Animator we got a kind of a wonder. Last year Capelight released Re-Animator carefully restored by a new transfer of Gordon’s horror classic. (Restoration by TLEFilms, Berlin) After all they released it in different versions, the r-rated, the unrated and a special integral cut fitting longer scenes from the r-rated release to the unrated one. 

While the Mediabook soonly was sold out and became a rare collectors item another release was announced: The unrated and fully restaurated version of Bride of Re-Animator.


Yesterday it was the long awaited day and now I hold it in my hands: The Bride of Re-Animator mediabook. Well what do I have to say? Color, contrast, sharpness, sound, everything perfectly done.  No long worlds: Like the first Part it is amazing! A version presenting the horror movie in a new fresh look the most people of us never have seen before.

Funny thing at all: That country, having one of the most problems with this movie decades ago now got the best version of it worldwide. The wait is over, the journey has come to an end.

Well done Capelight, you gave them life!


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