Alexandre Aja’s Maniac

Thinking of Horror movies there are some titles you can’t ignore and you won’t forget seeing them once. William Lustig’s Maniac is one of them. Telling the story of a psychopath called Frank Zito hunting down women in New York and scalping them. Frank got a gruel obsession: He nails their hair onto the heads of mannequins he is hiding in his apartment. One of the sickest serial killer in history of cinema was born and the bloody effects of Tom Savini did the rest. In the 80ies the movie was banned in Germany  and now re-released with some cuts as it is in the UK (banned and re-released with 58s cuts).

I remember some postings on the web very well as the news went in Alexandre Aja is doing the remake of Maniac. Uh … slaughtering the holy cow! And the hysteria of fans hearing the rumor Elijah Wood (Frodo in Lord of the Rings) will take the role as Frank Zito. Joe Spinell (died 1989 because of an accident in his bathtube) gave Frank a special psychopathic note in the original nobody could imagine that Elijay Wood ever will be able to copy it. And it was a good idea he never tried to. Weiterlesen

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Bill Lustig – Maniac 2012

Bill Lustig speaking on the Alexandre Aja’s Maniac remake. Seen on the German rental blu-ray disc. Bill did the original Aja’s movie is based on.



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Punisher – German blu-ray


„God please answer me, why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?“ – Fans of the 80ies action movie genre may know that very well: Dolph Lundgren as „The Punisher“. But it is still not that easy with this flick. While the movie always was heavy cut in Germany -except of some shitty bootlegs- the US market got the r-rated version cut by some short frames here and there. Just some Asian Laserdiscs and the VHS tape from the Netherlands were the only chance to get the unrated version on the screen. And yes, myself still own the Dutch tape. As the message went around that they are releasing a hi-def transfer of Mark Goldblatt’s Punisher chance was, that they hopefully got the unrated reels. But also nowadays, the unrated scenes seem to be lost and the latest US or UK blu-rays are still the r-rated cut. Weiterlesen

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Army of Darkness – German blu-ray by Koch Media

Here it is, the „Ultimate Edition“ of Army of Darkness (Armee der Finsternis) from Koch Media, Germany. And it IS ultimate. This box contains 6 disc loaded with demons from the past and provides 3 different versions of the movie: The European cut, the Director’s cut and the US cut. All version on blu-ray and DVD, so people without a blu-ray player also will be able to enjoy this feature.



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Changes …

I changed the design of my blog now. Hopefully I will find more time to post some stupid things here.

Stay tuned 😉


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